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SAFVC: Two Weeks On the Job and Down Go the Walls of Our Key Installations

RONALD LEE: A proud moment, for the 226 women, first-generation permanent residents and new citizens from the SAF Volunteer Corps, who have just completed their 2-week basic training.

A questionable moment for Singapore’s security.

Is this 2 weeks training enough to assess new citizens and PRs, and give them access to key installations?

Here’s how the Straits Times, which has made it a point to describe how some troopers lied to enlist, describes the next step for these newly-minted soldiers:

“The trainees will have to spend one or two more weeks familiarising themselves with duties required for one of the 17 vocations they have been assigned to. These include roles such as defence psychologists, medical trainers and security troopers who are armed with rifles and patrol key installations like Changi Airport.”

Even Singaporean men go through at least 2 months of Basic Military Training.

And now, the newly-minted get a free pass to places of grave security interest, after 2 weeks?

Here’s two words for the SAF: Li Huabo.

You never know when there’s a crook in your midst, or even a terrorist.

And then there’s possible saboteurs and secret agents.

No one’s accusing these new SAFVC “soldiers” of being people of ill repute, but surely Singapore can’t be as lax about its key installations as the SMRT is when it comes to depot security?

If PRs and new citizens truly have the heart to serve their duty to Singapore, then they shouldn’t mind at least a longer, similar National Service stint similar to our Singaporean teenagers?

That would give the SAF some time to bed them in and further assess them.

Rather than 2 weeks basic training, another 2-week tour, and thereafter seen only 7 days a year for the next 3 years.

The counter-argument to this is Singaporeans, in spite of being born and bred here, can be terrorists or national threats too.

Just recently, the much-feared Internal Security Department arguably saved our asses by apprehending two Singaporeans who wanted to knife down Singaporeans, plant bombs in crowded places, and assasinate our leaders (some strong left-wingers welcomed their plot to exterminate PM Lee, but I believe all murder isn’t good, even when it comes to Ah Loong).

I can only hope that the SAF has done throrough background checks on these PRs and new citizens, better than some government agencies have done, to ensure Singapore’s security isn’t compromised.

At the end of the day, it isn’t about money or politics, it’s about lives of those living in our tiny island – Singaporeans and foreigners alike.

And it’ll also be a pretty scary day when people begin rooting en masse for the ISD.

(Read more on the difference between SAFVC troops and our National Service boys: SAF’s NS Initiative for New Citizens a Gross Insult to Singaporean Men Past and Present)



Thanks Ronald for this commentary.
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    September 3, 2015 at 9:54 am

    They already betrayed their own born country…..cannot be trusted.

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