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Shame on HDB for Killing the Void Deck where Families Socialise and Play Together

YTTRIUM SUA: The void deck is an informal, but very important, space for many Singaporeans living in public housing.

It is a place where kids can kick a ball around, families can play badminton without needing to book a court, for weddings, for funerals. For the elderly, it is a space to socialise. For low-income households, this is the few free spaces that their kids can enjoy some sports… yet over the weekend, the town council decided to erect these metal bars that serve no practical purposes other than to prevent such organic uses of space from happening.

This space, originally filled with so much potential for use and creativity, is now effectively transformed into a dead space.

To whoever thought of this: shame on you. It is a bad solution to a non-problem and a waste of taxpayers’ money. You are essentially using our funds to deprive us of a space we can use, and have been using. This is on top of the multiple CCTVs installed all around the void deck.

And it’s not only the void deck of my block, but a number of blocks in the estate. I guess Queenstown is now a parkour wonderland.



This story was written by Yttrium Sua.
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