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5 Choice Words of Wisdom from Singapore’s Own Flying Dutchman, Who Leaves MediaCorp for Brighter Shores

Singapore’s one and only Flying Dutchman, sometimes also known by his actual name, Mark van Cuylenberg, will be leaving MediaCorp. After 18 years of charming listeners, the GOLD 90.5FM radio deejay is setting sail for greener pastures. We’re sad to see him go, especially with his near-daily dose of laughs and of course, words of wisdom, even as he leaves us listeners:

“Life is about evolving, it’s about change and change has to be embraced. It’s very exciting.”

Goodbye and good luck FD.

And for avid fans, here’s some choice quotes from Mark to live life by, all tinged with his trademark humour.

On Singapore politics:
“We probably need a bigger opposition voice but everything takes time. It’s taken us so long to get to where we are; I wouldn’t want Singapore to rush through it. It’s unfortunate we have a youth committee that wants everything instantly.”

On Courtesy and Kiasu Singaporeans “choping” seats:
“In the old days, if you had four people sitting at a table for six, another two could just say, ”Uh, do you mind if I join you?”  Now, you got to chope. I’m waiting for the day when people bring placards to place on tables: THIS IS MINE.”

On partners and friendship:
“If we hang out too much, nothing surprises you anymore. It’s good to keep a certain distance.”

On how to behave at work:
“Don’t get political, don’t get religious, and don’t swear.”

On knowing your roots (Fd is Dutch, which is why he’s called the Flying Dutchman lah):
“I’ve never been to Holland but I am planning to do it soon. It’s only now that I’m thinking that there is this Dutch heritage and where did we actually start.”

Quotes here are extracted from an interview FD did with Esquire Magazine in 2013.




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