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Cheng really loves the current cheng hu

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Singapore is Lost Without the PAP Government Solving Bread and Butter Issues

Cheng really loves the current cheng hu

Cheng really loves the current cheng hu

CALVIN CHENG: I don’t think the greatest danger to Singapore is represented by Roy Ngerng, Han Han Hui and their supporters. Their views are so extreme, their actions so absurd, that few would support them.

Moreover, the issues they represent, are bread-and-butter issues and the PAP are if nothing, good at solving these issues with their well-honed technocratic skills. They just need time.

The biggest danger I feel are an emerging group of Westernised, educated, champagne socialists and liberals who pontificate about social inequality, democracy and freedom in the comfort of their condos. They theorise about the rights of workers, whilst cocooned in their suits at their white collar jobs. They write poetry and make films about injustices, but the greatest injustice they think they have suffered is the censorship of their ‘art’.

They fight for Western liberal democracy, and a two-party state, not because it will make the lives of Singaporeans better in tangible ways, but merely because it is a ‘human right’.

These are also the people that the PAP can never hope to win over, even if the same people have pretensions of being intelligent, rational ‘swing voters’. This is because if their concerns are not bread-and-butter, no matter how many new trains the Government buys, no matter how many flats they build, they will not be satisfied.

They will only be satisfied if Singapore becomes like the Western societies they worship, and we have a competitive, multi-party democracy.

That is, they will only be satisfied if the PAP LOSES. In order to make them happy, the only way is for the PAP to continue losing.

That is why I think the PAP should continue do what they do best, and solve the bread-and-butter issues for the people who have real problems with cost of living, jobs, housing etc.

The ideologues are a lost cause.

I just hope the cancer of these champagne socialists, these self-absorbed, West-worshiping faux-intelligentsia will not spread.

Otherwise Singapore is lost.

This commentary was written by former Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng.
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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alan Shadrake

    October 3, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    What a sad brainwashed little man he is!

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