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Cow Beh Cow Bu

How to Whine Like an Opposition Supporter!

redwire-singapore-whine-opposition 2
What’s the difference between Singapore’s ruling party, the PAP, and the opposition?

About 10%.

That joke isn’t going to make you a hit at parties, or win you a lot of friends, but it’s pretty laughable nonetheless.

Here’s something a little funnier – a post by Sylvia Low Mei Ling, criticising opposition supporters for being a bunch of whingers (that’s a Brit term for people who like to cow beh cow bu lah).

redwire singapore opposition whine sylvia low

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  1. Mat Arif

    September 2, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    They have funny ideas about football. The team they support anyhow kick the ball up and down, they say its a great team. Kena attack on their weak left flank, the other team bully. Kena offside trap, say opposing team play unfair.

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