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Foreigners Walk Around Like Peacocks While Our Singaporean PMETs Are Resigned to Joblessness. This Must Stop!

Many PMEs have been sacked, told they were no longer useful and no organizations would want to hire them again. They are left to their own device. Many just resigned to their fate and retired into oblivion. Some swallowed their pride and dignity and took on whatever manual jobs or low level jobs that they could find. Some became taxi drivers and security guards. And these were men that were professionals, managers and executives that run big corporations and MNCs.  These were our local talents that Tommy Koh mentioned in his article today in the ST, the men and women that built modern Singapore. They have been reduced to become unemployable. They have been reduced to has beens. Once we have many local talents, intelligent and hardworking people according to Tommy. Today we have turned into a non country with no talents, no intelligent people and need half bake foreigners pretending to be talents to shit on us. Is that what Tommy was saying?

At least half a million decently paying jobs were given to foreigners, many don’t even have the equivalent qualifications or experience and expertise, many were fakes. And nobody cares. And they insult and bully us daily. The govt is very happy with the situation. We have full employment. The unemployable PMEs are obsolete, it is their fault for not upgrading to new skills like becoming waiters and salespersons.

We need to return some pride and dignity to these PMEs. They have many more good years to go. Many are healthy and mentality sound to continue working in the same jobs or something similar. Why degrade them and push them into the rubbish dumps and replaced them with fakes and half baked foreigners?

The PMEs and many are part of the Silver Brigade needs an existence. They have been defeated by insensitive and callous people and policies. Return them their pride and dignity. Don’t be silly and ungrateful. The govt must form an agency to look at this group of PMEs and put them back into the job market. Many of the good jobs given to foreigners for all the wrong reasons can be given to these PMEs. The govt owes these citizens a responsibility to lead a decent and respectable life. The wayang cannot continue past the next GE. It will be exposed.

Yes, return them their dignity and a place in the main stream of life. The govt owes it to them, not to the foreigners, not to silly foreigners, not to fake foreigners, not to rogue foreigners. Vote them out if they think they don’t have to look after citizens but foreigners. It is so sad that foreigners are walking around like peacocks while citizens are like helpless lost sheep walking around jobless, like zombies. I have never seen so many ex PMEs looking so lost, undignified, dejected, when they have many more good years to live and to support themselves.

Who should be held responsible? Don’t you dare pass the buck to the ex PMEs. These were the staunchest supporters of the PAP in their heydays.

Many PMEs are in the state of ‘keow kar yeo lan par’. You can do that for a few months or a couple of years. When you have to do that for 20 years, it is not funny anymore.

This commentary was written by Chua Chin Leng.
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