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5 Earth-Shattering Things that Could Happen to You if the Opposition Wins in Your GRC

We’ve seen how the debate has developed in parliament over the AHPETC saga.

And the consequences of what’s been widely called a mismanagement of town council funds by AHPETC leaders. So come the next Singapore General Election, it’s not surprising if voters think twice about their choices!

Here’s 5 earth-shattering situations that could happen if the opposition wins in your wards.

(1) You Might Not Have Lifts or Street Cleaners

Existing managing agents  might not want to work with you because they have bigger contracts with other agencies which they hope to protect. Others might not want to bid for tenders because they’re afraid they’ll be stigmatised.

This means that there won’t be anyone to clear your trash, upgrade your lifts or wipe your snort from off the HDB lift buttons because contractors in charge of these services shun you because it seems like you’ve become a colony of Ebola victims overnight!

And when your town council appoints its own managing agent, which comprises its own trusted friends, to run the operations, that’s a conflict of interest.

So forget the lifts, just focus on building that China Wall.

(2)You Might End Up Paying Over the Odds for Services

Even if if your town council builds a China Wall and make sure all checks are in place when appointing a managing agent, it might be clueless as to the actual rates that these contractors are supposed to charge.

That means you might end up paying millions more over the course of your leaders’ term of office, unless the AGO finds out and the ruling PAP makes a big fuss out of it.

If S$600,000 is peanuts, you’re paying for a whole bag’s worth, Mr Proud-to-be-Opposition-Supporter!


(3) You Might not Receive Millions of Dollars in S&C Grants

And if the books aren’t in order, you’re all set to be denied millions in S&C grants.

Our National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan can float like a butterfly when it comes to parliamentary speeches, but this motion to withhold grant money if the records aren’t whiter than white will sting like a bee on steroids if your town council isn’t up to scratch.

Dealing with the challenges of building an “army of civil servants” to run town council operations, cleaning up the dishes left unwashed by the former governors, and managing new challenges like AIMS which put you in the political gunsight shouldn’t be too much to handle, right?

It could be for opposition leaders. Cue Phil Collins.


(4) Your Every Move Could be Tracked and Used Against You

His collar contained a camera. Really.

His collar contained a camera. Really.

We’re still wondering how Education Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat knew about Yee Jenn Jong “dao-ing” some random resident who questioned him about the AHPETC incident, and refusing to answer his question.

After all, Yee isn’t Osman Sulaiman.

And our government resources are definitely put to much better use than marking every single opposition ward resident.



(5) You Might Not Get Big Ang Pow Come Chinese New Year

Needy Teck Ghee residents get S$150 ang pow and $S50 in Sheng Siong vouchers from our dear leader Lee Hsien Loong on behalf of the government. Even Ho Ching was there to distribute these little CNY gifts.

For Hougang, Aljunied and Punggol-East residents, you’ll be lucky if Xiaxue doesn’t mention you in a blog post expose.


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