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They can take our lives... But they'll never charge us GST for it!

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Singaporeans, Don’t Let the Government Take Away our Only Stake Left in Singapore…


They can take our lives... But they'll never charge us GST for it!

They can take our lives… But they’ll never charge us GST for it!

CHUA CHIN LENG: It was the govt’s policy to make sure Singaporeans have a stake in this island, at least owning a HDB flat. This was the old govt’s policy. Never mind those Singaporeans that were banned from buying a stake in this city state. Never mind if they have served their NS and still kpkb caused they could not buy a stake in a city state they have pledged and trained to defend. Never mind if foreigners turned new citizens are allowed to buy and have a stake in this island without having to serve NS.

The govt now has created a new stake for all Singaporeans here. The govt is making sure that the citizens will have a lot of money in the CPF, as another stake for them to feel there is something to protect and die for.

Now NS men will have to protect their CPF until their die, maybe 90 or 100 years. The govt has worked it all out to make sure you will always have CPF money, a lot of money,  in your CPF account. This is a new stake in addition to your HDB flat.

So for those not allowed to buy HDB flats and claimed that they have no stake in this city state to protect, there you are, now you have a stake in the CPF. You can’t take it all out when you need it at 55, so you better defend it with all your life and not allow anyone to take it away.

This story was written by Chua Chin Leng.

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