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Taxi-Taxi@SG@: 5 Reasons Why this Terrible App is Useless, Redundant and a Waste of Taxpayers’ Money

How much of Singapore taxpayer’s money must be sacrificed so the Land Transport Authority can be great (at coming up with some stunningly useless taxi app?) That’s probably best left to the LTA to answer.

What we can do is support the LTA by using its app, since it probably also took up much manpower and labour hours to develop.

And we would… if it wasn’t such a huge exercise in futility you’re probably better off choosing the more effective but more dangerous option of running on the street and waving your arms and hoping for the best.

Here’s why Taxi-Taxi@SG has been receiving so much damning criticism.

(1) You CAN’T Book a Bloody Taxi

Commuters can see the locations of available taxis in Singapore, but unlike other taxi apps, they CAN’T book the taxis. Commuters can choose to: keep waiting, or walk somewhere else where there are more taxis. Hey, this app actually makes SMRT’s service look pretty good. At least we just cram in a carriage, we don’t have to walk two blocks down the platform to catch the train.


(2) You Pray the Taxi Driver will be Charitable

Commuters can broadcast their location to taxis, and the kind taxi uncle can decide, “Would it be better to drive over and give the poor girl a life, or wait for her to make a booking and pay extra?” 8 out of 10 times Redwire tried the app, no knights in shining taxis came. And the other two times? We saw the bugger round the corner so l*n l*n no choice but to scoot over (after all, business is business what).

(3) You Don’t Know How Long You’ll Have to Wait

Commuters can see taxis congregating around taxi stands. Well and good. But you don’t know how long you have to wait for a cab even if you walk to the taxi stand. Why? Other commuters are probably also waiting lah. Maybe LTA will soon launch a taxi queue app to complement this lousy excuse of a taxi app.

(4) Did We Mention, ‘Inaccurate’?

Please see picture. Hopefully that’s a Duck Tour river coach and not some poor taxi uncle booked by Little Mermaid.


(5) Other Established Apps ALREADY do the Job BETTER

See these? You can actually book a cab with them. And the taxi comes to you. And you know it will come to you. And you know that’ll take about 5-7 minutes. And you know that if there’s no cabs, then you really have to walk two blocks down to catch the train.



You can download the LTA’s Taxi-Taxi@SG app on Android and Apple phones. Go ahead. Let Tuck Yew have his day in the sun. Or let’s raise our glasses and give the LTA the collective middle finger.





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