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This New Punggol-ian REALLY HATES Punggol. Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

: I mean the word hate is a bit strong but it is really not easy for a person to stay in Punggol after spending most of his life staying in Tampines where we have everything.

So I’ve shifted to Punggol (not so)recently. New neighbourhood, nice neighbours, nice waterway and fresher air too but not everything is a bed of roses in Punggol.

Me and my awesome Neighbours. My friends are always very jealous that I can actually have neighbours that I hangout. it’s like fairytale to him.

There are things that i cannot stand and I just have to say it! (And also our election is around the corner ah, so I hope big brother is reading this too.) #NotEvenSorryIfISoundLikeASpoiltBrat

1. Lack Of A Decent “Interchange”

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I grew up at Bedok and later spend most of my life in Tampines. We are used to the pattern where we go to school/work, we go back to our “interchange”, buy the things we need, have dinner or a coffee and we go back home. This place is usually few bus stops or minutes away from our home. It is almost like a town square where we hangout and run some of our errands.

It sucks that we are living out of that pattern now because there ain’t a decent shopping mall above Punggol MRT station. Now we knock off, do everything and anything out side of Punggol and than we have to travel half of Singapore before we reach Punggol. And once we reach Punggol, it means go to bed and good night. Maybe that is also the town plan where we are force to be bored and do nothing but make babies.

2. There are NO Taxi

Punggol is a God forsaken place. There are no Taxi at any point of time. Grab Taxi, Uber, Taxi Taxi or whatever app you have. They will not save your life. Ask @GenkiGenki he knows. LRT and MRT is so much better!

3. No Friends will visit you

You can have a good sofa but you will not have friends.

I used to have friends visiting me almost always. We hangout at my mum’s place and we dream about the boardgame nights, movie nights, console night, beer night, poker night or stayovers when it is our own place but NO. Nobody will come to your place unless it is one of those events that they had to show face. Punggol is just way too far for anyone and for some reason there is lack of parking. Not just about free parking but most of our parking in Punggol are like reserved for residents only and your friends and relatives have to park way too far in order to visit you.

4. The Food Sucks

Probably because this place is so young we do not have any anchor food hawker that has 20 years history like in Geylang, Tampines, Bedok etc. We do not have a big mall that have big chain restaurants. The food at our food court and hawker really sucks. The best thing in Punggol is like McDonald’s and Master Crab. That is how bad it is. And my favourite Dominoes Pizza doesn’t even make delivery to Punggol. FugMyLife! P.S. Punggol Nasi Lemak not even found in Punggol BTW! 


I still get lost in Punggol after staying there for 2 years. I mean what is wrong with Punggol Ave 3, 4, 5? Punggol St 21, 22, 23, 24? I mean it makes more sense that after 23 is 24 as compared to Punggol Field, Punggol Central, Punggol Emerald and why is EdgeField Plains doing in the middle of all the other Punggol road names? Why are we complicating the road names so badly when it can be so simple in a matter of just using some numbers? As if being far, not having parking ain’t a bad enough reason for people not to come to Punggol and now you want people to get lost and pissed off with coming to Punggol?

All these being said, we had little choice considering how crowded the country is and resale flats are just way too expensive. I am just glad my wife and I managed to get one of these BTO before the mad demand in HDB and causing the price hike. Okay, end of rant.

This story was written by Smith.
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