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Top 10 criticisms of Singapore’s ruling powers– in Inderjit Singh-lish!

Is MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC Inderjit Singh trying to be a maverick? His surprising rant against the ruling powers spans about 8 pages and 4400 words. For those who aren’t inclined to read the full post, here’s Redwire’s take on the Top 10 Criticisms of Singapore in Singh-lish.


On Government Failure:

We are fixing the symptoms of the problems created as a result of poor planning, weaker policies and weaker still policy implementation.


On Life in Singapore:

“If someone were to ask me honestly whether the lives of all Singaporeans have become better in these last few years, I would not be able to do that.”


On Cost of Living:

“While wages may have risen, the cost of living outpaced the rise in wages and therefore life has become tougher”


On Government Policies:

“While we focused on building wealth for Singapore, we didn’t pay as much attention to how we were doing this.”


On Foreign Talent:

“In recent years we have shifted the focus away from growing through motivating and encouraging Singaporeans to importing talent that the government feels will contribute to the nation’s bottom-line”


On Wage Inequality AND Foreign Talent:

“The median income of Singaporeans has certainly risen and on the surface is a good thing for the county, but it seems to be highly correlated to the increase in the number of new citizens and PRs.”


On Civil Service Complacency:

“What happened to all our scenario planners in the government? Why are we fighting fires because of poor planning?”


On Elitism of Policy-Makers

”Today’s policy makers live in a different society from the average Singaporean.”


On Property:

“Asset appreciation through increase in property prices also has an illusory effect on a person’s wealth.”


On Culture Loss:

“Today, Singapore has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world and the common thread that bound us in the past has lost its resonance among the youth.”


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