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Tray Return Initiative: Has the Public Been Played for Fools In the Name of Greed?


ELSON: It never sounded right, right from the start. I’m talking about the tray return initiative. First off, why would the government harp on such a trivial issue to no end, and even raise the matter in parliament? There are no issues more pressing for our top legislative body than to discuss whether people return their trays?

Then, the reasons given for returning your trays include it’ll be easier better for the old cleaner uncle to do his job and the environment will be cleaner.

Then, social justice warriors started the public shaming and declared that if the rest of the world can return their trays, why not Singaporeans? Are we such inconsiderate bastards that we can’t even do something so simple?

Now, we realise that for Social Enterprise Hawker Centres, hawkers are made to issue trays and charged a fee that could come up to S$800 a month for trays returned.

And, we see how your old cleaner uncle can sit back and shake legs because he’ll be out of job as the tray return initiative signalled a move to automated machines.

And, we also see how the rest of the world DOES NOT return their trays as the SJWs claimed -they’re probably not very well-travelled.

Which leaves us with the issue of: Is this whole tray return initiative just a means to cut labour cost and earn more off hawkers by charging them for an extra “service”?

For the cost of all the fees for tray returns, utensil collection and dishwashing, each hawker could employ one cleaner uncle for their own stall and still have spare change.

Wouldn’t that make our eating environment even cleaner?

Conveniently, this whole tray return intiative brouhaha came just months before NTUC bought over Kopitiam.

I don’t know if the two are related, but if they are it’s a very sly and sinister way to sucker the public into helping for-profit enterprises profit from us and the hawkers under their charge.



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