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[VIDEO] Woman Claims BMW Driver Rammed Her Car then Played Her Out when Claiming Damages

WENDY ALYSSIA: I didn’t wanna believe one shld be racist, I believe that everyone is an individual, regardless of race and everyone shld be equal… we shld be kind to one another and as human we shld trust and have faith in what people has said and promised.

Just like when my car was bang by this BMW (SLB 6298R) Indian/Malay driver, Shaik (hp no: 9003 xxxx), he seemed was very nice and responsible – as u can see in the video, it is entirely his fault becos I have stopped n yet from a distance he accelerated (after stopping for the traffic) and bang into me, the impact was so great that my car lurch forward 1meter.


He kindly asked if we could don’t report insurance, we can privately settled it n if we could use his mechanic.. I obliged seeing that he promised he would restore my 6mth old car to its original state and having written it in writing on WhatsApp what he promised. And that he seemed rather honest becos he even admit that it was becos he was checking his msg on his hp and didn’t realized the cars in front has stopped and oso mentioning that this was his 3rd Honda Vezel he bang after buying that BMW of his.

I even waited for 14 days before my car can be send in to his mechanic as he bang my car 2 days before CNY and all mechanics has returned back home and will only be back at work 10 days later.



When I told everyone my car is bang by an Indian/Malay .. everyone unanimously tells me I shld not trust him n have the case reported in.. silly me, I even told everyone off that we shldnt be so racist n I have faith.

Yes, faith. A dear lesson learnt, racist or not, trust is not one issue we give any man esp this one.

I am not sure whether he or the mechanic of Sat Motor (the mechanic he asked me to send to – HIS mechanic) is a lying…

but regardless, my first inspection of the car, I voiced out that my bumper feels very tough, mechanic assured me that the original is like that (I mean I was give the impression that my bumper was replaced with a new one), I was doubtful but accepted it, after all my own mechanics are very trustworthy and I felt I shouldn’t be difficult since I know nuts about car.. and although I may have not voiced out abt the bumper issue aggressively (it being “fake”) but I didn’t know I shld be on all fours and check the undercarriage of the car n bumper after fixing ..

And … Perhaps someone up there didn’t want me to be con, a “live” wire came dropping on dragging the ground as I drive creating sparks a few days after collecting my car .. seeing so I went on all fours to see what went wrong .. see, touch and feel – underneath is unpolished, I see tapes across the bottom of my bumper and wires hanging 😱.. then I went to check on other Vezel and Honda Vezel’s workshop, I was right, my bumper wasn’t like the original which was smooth n the color was mismatch from my sides too !!

Called Shaik and mechanic thinking my “new” bumper was fake .. both went silent… after tons n tons of argument .. i was then told it was my original plastic bumper and they just knock out and repainted it, it was rough becos fillings were put in and they couldn’t do a normal paint job.. n bit by bit, I realized the game this Indian/Malay was playing ..
he doesn’t want to pay and definitely didn’t want to pay more esp to restore my car to its original state as promised…
His aim for me was accept it or we drag lor .. afterall I m the one driving the car w sparks .. my life in danger mah .. not his ..

I m now forced to be thankful that the boss of Sat Motor is willing to honor the lousy repair (of the loose wires, tapes and undercarriage polishing and paint) they did n going to redo but will only be redoing on Wednesday.. that’s if it’s not another con job and fruitless trip to the workshop where everyone tells me huh? What? Where got? And point fingers 😢..

But for my bumper .. too bad .. it’s gonna be a diff color from my sides and the surface will not be the same as original becos that Shaik has refused to pay for a new bumper so that it would be back to the original state as it would be before the accident.

I have to make do w a cheap repaired version of a once damaged bumper.

And of cos it’s entirely becos he told the mechanic to repair is cheaply and of cos he blames the mechanic for not advising him before that to restore to original state would be to replace a new bumper and oso blames me for not knowing my stuff and accepting the car without asking for a correct opinion.

Yup, all the blames are on me n the mechanic and as he says his conscience is cleared becos he alr paid a lot of money .. $600.. ha.. what a joke.

He even told me he paid thousands of dollars for my car, only when the boss of the workshop called me to clarify the matter then I knew Shaik was lying… he even tried to continue to lie that he paid thousands until I cannot tahan n told him the boss told me he paid $600 then he admitted, his thousands of dollars means $1200 – $600 for his car and $600 for mine …

Applaud 👏🏻👏🏻 I thanked him for the valuable lesson. Trust shldnt be given, it shld always be earn .. I really never learn – be kind to others, u suffer..becos ppl onli take advantage of kindness.

I just hope now the boss of Sat Motor is gonna honor his words n fix my car on wed and I pray he does a good job and not have my new car come back w more problems.

And this Shaik even told me I shld be ashamed of myself as I m one of those Singaporean that others shld be shamed on becos I mentioned I shld have believed my frens who made the racist remarks saying that if I m bang by an Indian/Malay, cannot believe them, must make report.

Well well well.. I m not sure but I didn’t believe in judging by color even when everyone warns me, it’s not the color but it’s the traits they say .. I dunno but I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of becos I m just highlight that perhaps I shld have believe my frens becos he had just proven their words thru n thru..

Please feel free to share abt this “sweet” man who goes ard bumping Vezel .. I hope no one becomes his 4th Vezel or any car victim.. if do, just report it in .. n now, regardless of race or how kind they seemed, I shall spare no mercy n kindness for any mankind as I am always the one the end up suffering and definitely (touch wood) if any accidents – it will be MY mechanic and YOUR insurance !!



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