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Why do Millions Have to “Beg for Mercy” for their Own CPF Money?


CHUA CHIN LENG: Why are a few million CPF members being held at ransom and at the mercy of a few individuals? Who or how many people are involved in deciding the fate of the money of the millions of CPF members, current and many to come? Why should these few individuals, an absolute minority that is too small to be meaningful, and assuming so much power to micro manage the life savings of the people?

After all the kpkb at Hong Lim and the social media, the Govt is taking notice and knows that if nothing is done, something is going to give way. And in the recent NDR, Hsien Loong did made a few changes and concessions, which to many were far from enough or meaningful.

It was reported that the unionists are showing concern that allowing the poor CPF members to take a little more of their money out at 55 or 65 would do harm to their little savings. That if done, the little savings will be even more little for their retirements. I say, thank you very much for your concern and we all know you all have a very good heart.

Everyone is talking about those who are living to 90 or 100 and as if CPF is their only means to live their lives. Many have other forms or ways to survive their retirements. But most crucial, many will die without seeing their CPF savings, without having a chance to enjoy a little bit of them. Things are not so simple and straight forward like everyone is irresponsible and will go to Batam.

And who gives these bleeding hearts the authority to meddle with the lives and life savings of the people, a few millions of them? Who do they think they are? God? My God, if they are the Gods, the people must kneel down to beg for mercy as their kindness are deadly and could lead to tragedies to many.

If they think they are that kind and compassionate and wanting to help, open your pocket and take out your own money to give to those who need. Stop taking the money from those in need and stop telling them you are helping them. You are not helping them. You are meddling with their lives and causing pain and sufferings.

Good grief! What about those who die without benefiting from their life savings? What are you going to do about it? What is your solution?

This story was written by Chua Chin Leng.


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