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Singapore Moms Reveal the WORST Things Found in their Teens’ Rooms

What comes to mind when you think of teenagers? Trouble lah!

Parents often have to clean up for their kids, if not the maid. And what they find lurking in the dark, hidden corners of their rooms are the stuff of bloody nightmares!

Redwire spoke to mommies in Singapore to find out what skeletons their teenage sons and daughters have been hiding in the closet.

The results are more shocking than a naked Patricia Mok!

“Used condoms in a full container in his cupboard. About 10 of them. I’m a housewife. My son has never brought a girl home. What the hell!”

“Viagra pills. I’ve a daughter.”

“A wine bottle stuffed at the top with tissue. There was a yellow liquid absorbed in the tissue which smelt like pee. I threw it away and we never discussed it.”

“Panties. My husband and I asked our son about it. He admitted that he likes to collect ‘souvenirs’ from his ex-girlfriends. Yeah, he’s quite handsome. But  I don’t know whether to be happy or furious that there were so many pairs.”

“A dead and rotting bird. Turns out my daughter brought home a wounded bird and tried to nurse it till it was well again. But obviously she failed, and didn’t dare tell anyone, so she chose to hide it.”

“A vibrator, covered with a white chalky substance. Needless to say, I had a chat with my daughter about hygiene, and banned her from watching Sex in the City. She didn’t listen, of course.”

“A huge monitor lizard in a cage that jumped at me and I screamed so loud my husband thought I saw a ghost! Until today I’ve no idea how this crazy boy managed to trap one!”

“I’ve never found anything odd in my son’s room, but there was one time his whole bed was smeared with brown stains. Turns out it was chocolate and he had been eating in his sleep. What a relief!”

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