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Wuhan Virus Scare: The Strange Case of “No Queue” when Gahmen Gives Out Free Masks

RONALD WONG: For the longest time, Singaporeans have been known to queue for almost anything under the sun.

Even if they have to spend over 4 hours in line.

Hawker food, LKY funeral etc.

But surprisingly, despite the apparent panic over the spread Wuhan coronavirus and anger over pharmacies running out of face masks for sale, queues for free government-issued face masks was non-existent.

At many Residents Committee offices, the number of volunteers outnumbered the number of people queuing up to get their free face masks – 4 per family.

Even though it was a weekend.

Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Darryl David said that the mask distribution process went “very efficiently and very smoothly” and that “this shows that residents are very sensible and very reasonable.”

Darryl David probably has air in his head and needs to see a doctor – no queues, no crowd, of course went smoothly lah!

According to People’s Association staff at Woodlands Zone 1 RC, only an estimated 10 percent of households turned up to collect their masks.

Surprisingly enough, 71-year-old retiree Andrew Yap said that he queued at 7 outlets over the past week to buy masks but couldn’t get any.

Online, there also appears to be the panic among people who went to various pharmacies only to be told that they were out of face masks.

What’s going on, and who’s snapping up all those cost-money face masks when few even care about getting free ones?

Could it be that a small population of Singaporeans is just more kan cheong (anxious) than others?

Has the government over-reacted and wasted all the effort of those poor NS boys in the packing room?

If you want a free mask, you have until 9 Feb to collect it from your nearest RC.



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