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Damn Funny Lah

Any Takers for Sad Puppy who Put Himself Up for Sale after Break-Up with Girlfriend?

Lost in love and need a partner? How about giving Ralph Yee a try?

After all, he’s supposedly good for “long-term family planning, cuddling and cleaning” and comes with good reviews.

The lovelorn lad put himself up for sale on Carousell, presumably as a gag (we hope) after he broke up with his girlfriend.

So distraught was he that he even listed a sofa she used to use for sale too.

What takes the cake is Yee’s description of the sofa.

Well, if you’re keen, there’s no need to inconvenience yourself doing meet-ups – Yee doesn’t mind getting delivered to your doorstep via normal mail if you’ve got the cash to spare.

Gives a whole new meaning to mail-order-boyfriend, eh?

Better chope yours now!



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