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Damn Funny Lah

Audi Driver Proudly Displays “LTA Dont See Me” Talisman

There’s a 3-rule advice when it comes to driving in Singapore:

-don’t get into an accident accident
-if ownself cause accident don’t get caught
-if outright break the law, lagi more important don’t get caught!

Rule 3 seems to be the most pertinent of all, especially when it comes to things like samans, never wear seatbelt and even worse – drink-driving.

This Audi driver hung a talisman on the rear windshield of his car, in what seems to be an interesting way of avoiding getting into trouble with the law.

The talisman reads “lta dont see me”, perhaps in the hopes that a charm like this would ward off the law enforcers of the road.

The talisman has spark talk on the internet, with some asking where they can buy it.

Others say the driver needs a second talisman to be effective – “traffic police dont see me”!

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