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VIDEO: Cardboard Mata Gets His Own 3-Minute Film Short, Proving His Worth Over Mere Mortal Cops

We’ve all seen Crime Watch at some point or another, where cops are shown solving real local crimes in the half-hour TV crime series.

Or even shows like Triple Nine (the good old days of hot cop Wong Li-Lin and her occasional bra-less antics).

But how many real-life Matas get a full 3.12 minute short film/video commercial?

This guy did – our dearly beloved crime-fighting friend Cardboard Mata, who we prize much higher than any real-life cops at preventing crimes.

In this film short, he’s seen foiling evil shoplifters, egging the public to do good with his steely, you don’t ch** bye gaze, and finally inspiring a Bollywood-esque celebration in a supermarket for a crime-free Chinese New Year ahead.

Clearly the Singapore Police Force too knows who its priorities should lie with.

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