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Damn Funny Lah

Chinese New Year Visits: A Guide to What Aunty Really Means When She Tries to Act Nice

Day 2 of Chinese New Year in Singapore and if you cina fellas haven’t felt the crunch yet, it’s probably because you’re on a bloody 15-day cruise to the Caribbean just to avoid giving ang pows (right? Bastards…)

For those who have stayed behind to fastidiously visit relatives they like and other relatives they want so badly to strangle, there’s much to put up with – such as the yearly questions from aunties who mean the best and nothing more than to give you a throbbing headache by the day’s end.

For the clueless, here’s what those aunties really mean when they ask those perennial questions. Because if you didn’t get the meaning by now, you probably should. And retaliate accordingly.








1 Comment

1 Comment

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