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Cold Storage Pricing: Four Breasts Good, Two Breasts Bad

Keep a good look out the next time you’re at the supermarket.

In the case of Cold Storage, you might want to inspect their chicken breasts a bit closer before buying.

Apparently, not all breasts are equal – or so it seems.

An example here – S$12 for a 680g pack of 4 chicken breasts, versus S$12.90 for a 340g pack of 2.

Both were produced on the same date and have the same use-by date, according to the label.

The one difference is the 4-pack does not have a country of origin indicated, while the 2-pack states that the produce comes from Malaysia.

This has led some to speculate that maybe the breasts from Malaysian chickens are more desired by Singaporeans, leading to higher prices compared to chicken breasts from other unspecified nations.

Others say there should be no discrimination between breasts meat, and Cold Storage should accord to each their correct value.

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