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Haircuts You Should Never Let the Bowl-and-Scissor Aunty Give Your Kids for Chinese New Year

KOH: There are some things you should never do to your kids, such as feeding them broccoli, or making them get some weird-ass haircut for Chinese New Year just to show relatives how cute they are.

With CNY around the corner, the custom is to get a trim to symbolise a new start to a new year, and to get rid of the bad luck from the previous year.

So yeah, parents go bring your kids to the barber, or salon, or the aunty with a bowl and scissors next door, but just don’t let them do THIS to the poor little ones otherwise don’t cow beh when they tekan you later on in life as mal-adjusted teenagers.

No, “2017” is also not acceptable.

It’s also not acceptable to shave that 4D number that won you enough money to buy a condo on your kids’ heads.

And if you’re a hardcore iPhone fan, there’s no need to explode with enthusiasm like a faulty S7 Note battery.

It might be the year of the rooster, but you just try shaving a cock into your kid’s head and see what your wife will do when you get home.

No Ne-Zha too please.

Since the adults need a hair trim too, how about we show you what’s OK and what will land you a life-time pass to IMH.

This is OK:

This, is not:

Good luck and snip with sensitivity.

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