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Damn Funny Lah

Jover-Bashing Ain’t Over: New Facebook Parody Profile Created to Mock Sim Lim Square Scammer

Jover Chew might have found himself run out of business, and had hisadresses and contact numbers exposed online. But at least, he’s got a parody page in return.

It seems that netizens can’t get enough of the Mobile Air boss, and at least one of them has taken to creating this Facebook profile of him.

If you’re in for some Jover-bashing (or Jover-loving) here’s the place to do it.

The Sim Lim Square scammer found himself in hot soup after he refunded a tourist S$1010 in coins weighing 19kg.

But what broke the camel’s back was when he used dirty sales tricks to overcharge a Vietnamese tourist for an iPhone 6.

Pictures of the Vietnamese tourist went viral, leading to a Jover-hunt, and a successful crowd-funding campaign to refund the tourist on behalf of Singaporeans.

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