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Nabeh Lah, New Singlish Words Added to Oxford Dictionary All Linked to Common Swear Word

The Oxford English Dictionary has included more Singlish words in its latest update on Monday.

No lah, not Chinese Helicopter or Indian Helicopter or your great grandfather’s helicopter lah.

More like Ah Beng, Aiyoh and Aiyah.

The best (or worst) part is, all these latest words seem to have their origins in the term “nabeh” (if you don’t know what that is, don’t read on).

So here are the latest Singlish words added, with explanations (from us, not Oxford because ang mohs don’t know Singapore like we do):

Ah Beng – young punk who likes to hang around discos and beo chio bu (and mutter “nabeh” when kena rejected)

Aiyah – word meant to express surprise, impatience or frustration (a polite form of “nabeh)

Aiyoh – word meant to disappointment or impatience (another polite form of “nabeh”)

Ang Pow – red packet which has money inside (because if no money inside, receiver exclaims “nabeh”)

Atas – high-browed, elitist, commonly associated with men and women dressed top to toe in white (that some 30 percent of the population like to shout “nabeh” at)

Char Kway Teow – dish cooked with yellow mee, white rice flour flat noodles and black sauce (nabeh, we forgot to include cockles)

Hongbao – nabeh, how many ang pow words does Oxford want to include in one update?

Kopitiam – the place where every 2 minutes you hear someone shout “nabeh”, especially when a Man U vs Liverpool game is showing.



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