Damn Funny Lah

Die Lah, Google Confuses Our Our MND Chief with a Clown!

Die lah, some Google bots are going to be sent to crawler heaven.

How in the world did Khaw Boon Wan turn up as numero uno in a search for comedian Henry Thia.

The resemblance is pretty uncanny (in terms of looks lah, not because they both say funny things like “hara kiri”), but to confuse our MND chief with a clown?

Stop laughing, this is serious.

Khaw Boon Wan is not a clown (there we said it, so don’t sue us).


A search on Jack Neo’s 1998 tele-movie Hitman in the City also turns up Khaw… as Henry Thia (better known for his role as “Lion King” rather than as Henry Thia).

Too bad we couldn’t find a third strike, otherwise Google might just be booted out of Singapore, just as in China.

Its bad for national development to confuse Khaw with a comedian.

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