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Don’t Thank Dr Vivian for Chasing Away the Haze, Thank THIS Bomoh for His Ice and Pot Ritual!

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan, sometimes known as “the guy who really doesn’t like Dr Chee Soon Juan”, has denied rumours that the recent rain to chase away the haze was brought down by the NEA’s cloud-seeding work.

He’s right, of course.

The NEA could never pull off any noteworthy stunt to kill the haze, but THIS Malaysian bomoh can.

And he claims to have done it with prayers, a pot and a block of ice!

Chanting over the artefacts, he prays for the people’s salvation.

“Hopefully, with the use of this slab of ice placed on this pot, the prayer may  save the people in Malaysia to receive light and clean air.

“Together, we pray that this traditional method, that has been used by our ancestors for centuries, guided by the use of ice and pot, can melt away the haze, by the will of God.”

At one point, the bomoh best known for his prayer work over the doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 even takes out his trademark bamboo scope (yes, when the scopes come out, things get serious folks).

The haze in Indonesia has reaching levels of over  PSI900, and Malaysians and Singaporeans making a big hue and cry over the hazardous air quality.

The NEA predicted 3 days back that the smog will clear today and conditions have largely improved since the start of the week.

But let’s give the bomoh some credit for trying lah.

Oh wait, his ritual took place 3 days ago on Tuesday, so maybe…

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