Durian Lover Feels Cheated Paying S$56 for This Portion of Mao Shan Wang Ordered Online

S$55.95 – is this too much to pay for that portion of mao shan wang durians you see above?

That’s apparently what one local laddie, Derrick Oh did when he made an order from durian-on-demand company durianservice.com.

And boy did he get that “oh sh*t” moment of shock when he saw what was delivered to his home.

Said Oh:

“All kinds of durians are in promotion, all you can choose just for $9.90 per box, included Mao Shan Wang etc….by that time things come to my mind was will this a TRAP? but i think here is Singapore, should be safe la, i probably won’t be so “Shuay” so i try my luck and ordered online last night and request for delivery tonight, see what i paid for all this shit?

Look at the Quantity, a grain for a box for $9.90 ??? after i unbox them, i call them immediately, but never answer call anymore. Don’t say Mao Shan Wang, it can’t even taste like a fresh durian, i throw away just after one bite. Bad taste and like vegetable. Fk this cheater doing this shit things online…they will have 报应!人在做,天在看!阿弥陀佛!”

Do you think those durians were worth it?



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