Ex-Policewoman Killed by Pet Hamster

A 38-year-old former policewoman has died after she was bitten by her pet hamster.

Last week, Mdm Tan had been separating 2 of her hamsters who were involved in a fight when 1 of the hamsters bit her thumb.

She later complained of numbness in her tongue and hand.

She was sent to hospital where she subsequently slipped into a coma and passed away on Friday (25 May).

The cause of Mdm Tan’s death is uncertain, pending an autopsy report.

Doctors say that it’s rare for a person to die from a hamster bite as hamsters are not venomous creatures.

One family clinic doctor interviewed said it’s possible that Mdm Tan could have had an allergic reaction to the bite due to a pre-existing condition.

Mdm Tan, who has 3 daughters aged 2 to 10, was very fond of hamsters and would often post pictures of them on her Facebook page.



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