Exclusive: RW Insider Says WP Members Calling for Raeesah Khan to “Honourably Resign”


It appears that the Raeesah Khan lying-in-parliament saga has shaken the Workers’ Party, with some members calling for her to do the “honourable thing” and tender her resignation.

The MP for Sengkang GRC, who currently serves as the Deputy Treasurer for the WP, received a stern public rebuke from Secretary-General Pritam Singh.

However, a Redwire insider says that all isn’t well in the upper echelons of the party.

“She did something so incredibly stupid. But it would be a total loss of face to publicly sack her. Furthermore, she’s a MP and came in (to parliament) with a new team. There are some of the view that she should offer to resign from the party, and that Pritam should accept the resignation. Otherwise, she will simply drag the party down further.”

With regards to Sengkang GRC and constituents who voted for the WP, the insider said that they just have to bear with things.

“Anyway, there won’t be a by-election since the PAP set the precedent that even if one MP leaves there is no need to hold one. So what’s the issue for them? Not like they would want to go back to under the PAP.”

According to the source, the issue has further worsened existing tensions between different groups within the WP.

“There are factions. It’s normal with all parties. And there are members who never liked her from the start but bore with it because she was deemed as a ‘rising star’. That star just collapsed back to Earth. Naturally, they are calling for her head. Another group is more interested in saving face at all cost. And others who support her naturally think a public statement is enough. Those people are idiots. It’s not the first time she has embarrassed the party.”

The insider was referring to 2 police reports that were lodged against Khan on 5 July last year, over alleged comments she made on social media which were racially improper.

Khan admitted on Monday (1 Nov) that she had lied about the details of an alleged sexual assault case, in which she claimed the victim had been mistreated by police officers.

The WP has formed a disciplinary panel to look into her conduct.

The issue has also been referred to the Committee of Privileges, which looks into any complaint alleging breaches of parliamentary privilege.



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