Exclusive: PSP Cadres In-Fighting And Attempt to Oust “Emperor” Dr Tan Cheng Bock as Secretary-General

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, founder of the Progress Singapore Party, could be ousted from his party come the end of March.

Some of the party cadres are mustering support to demand that Dr Tan step down as secretary-general and hand over the reins to more talented rising stars in the party.

This, according to a party leader who has declined to be named.

The PSP is set to elect its new Central Executive Committee on 28 March 2021.

Tensions came to a boil at a meeting between PSP leaders over the weekend, following terse online chat group discussions.

Dr Tan was called an “emperor” who is stubbornly clinging to his throne.

He has been accused of playing favourites, and fixing the game to get his own preferred candidates into the CEC.

Besides that, Dr Tan was also accused of attempting to boot out some of the more capable and loyal party leaders because they have fallen out of favour with him.

PSP “Star Singer” and West Coast GRC candidate Jeffrey Khoo is also said to have lashed out at some party members who he deems are not fit to be part of the PSP leadership.

A senior PSP member Lee Chong Onn was allegedly disciplined by Dr Tan at the meeting – he was singled out and made to recite excerpts from the online chat group conversations which were deemed to be an affront to Dr Tan.

It is understood that senior party members are split on who should be head the PSP, and who should form the next group of leaders.

Stay tuned for more updates.

This latest blow-up appears to be most serious incidence of party infighting since the PSP was founded in 2019.

Earlier this year, PSP candidate for Nee Soon GRC Kala Manickam left the party on acrimonious terms.

Manickam appeared to have been orchestrating a walkout of the party together with her supporters in the party.

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