Exhibitionist Invades the Heartlands, Snaps Sexy Selfies at HDB Flats

This exhibitionist has been causing some uproar (and a lot of cat-calling) online after uploading sexy self-shots that were taken in HDB flats in Singapore.

While most of the photos uploaded on social media are clothed, some of the shots shared are nude images taken at staircase landings.

The latest photos by the exhibitionist, known as “Natalie”, were shared in August this year.

From the looks of the flats, it appears that “Natalie” tends to strike in mature housing estates – even in broad daylight!


Flats aside, “Natalie” also takes suggestive selfies in other public areas.

Apparently, there seems to be someone working with Natalie at times to get certain, erm, hard-to-reach pictures.


“Natalie” claims that she is a Malaysian who is a Singaporean Permanent Resident, living and working here as an admin clerk.

“Natalie” also claims that she is “married with no kids”.

“Natalie’s” gender is uncertain, in the light of heavy photo-editing.



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