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Fair for the Government to Practise Vaccine Discrimination?

HAROLD CHAI: When the government announced that Sinovac would be made available, MOH said it was better than having no vaccine at all even though it was not under the National Vaccination Programme.

Now, the government seems to be focused on blocking people who took the Sinovac vaccine from all the benefits available to all those who took the other “approved” vaccines.

Things such as eating out in larger groups, being able to attend events without the need for pre-event testing etc.

About 20,000 people have gotten the Sinovac vaccine so far.

Why should the government be allowed to practise such vaccine discrimination?

They are the ones who brought Sinovac in, distributed it to clinics and allowed Singaporeans to take it if they wanted to.

What do they expect people who have taken Sinovac to do now?

Get double-vaccinated?

In the first place, if Sinovac is ineffective, the government should never have allowed the public to use it.

The public and even several opposition parties sought clarification before it was distributed, but the government just kept sending mixed signals.

Now, very absurdly, it seems like it wants to punish those who used Sinovac.

If government leaders can’t even be clear about what they want, then they shouldn’t be making Singaporeans pay for their indecisiveness.

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