Fares could be Raised to Ensure the “Viability” of the Public Transport System


Public Transport Council Chairman Richard Magnus has possibly given the biggest hint in his latest blog post that public transport fares might be raised.

Mr Magnus said that cheaper fares for off-peak public transport commuters could become a permanent feature.

At the same time, he spoke of differentiated pricing – where peak hour commuters will be made to pay more than off-peak hour commuters.

And adding to that, Mr Magnus said that the Government will spend S$80 billion on new rail infrastructure over the next 5 years, and the upgrading and expansion of rail operating assets, and bus contracting subsidies.

So, he said, “While these investments are a necessary part of the Government’s push to improve the public transport experience, they raise operating costs and impose a heavy cost burden on taxpayers,”

“The council therefore cannot turn a blind eye to this trend of rising costs but will have to ensure that the viability of the public transport system is sustained.”

The PTC is now in the midst of its annual fare review exercise, and is reviewing the 2017 fare adjustment and rail operators’ proposals “against this background”.

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