Filipinos Openly Flout HDB Rules and Rent Out Rooms to “Transients” for 1-Day Stays


If you’d like to use a HDB flat room for a day, or maybe a couple of hours, you can rent your room from these Filipinos ladies who have posted ads on local forums such as Gumtree advertising the rental service.

The rates aren’t too bad – it’s S$25 per person per day, or S$45 for two people.

We’ll leave it to you to figure out why anybody, or “transients” as they are called by the would-be renters, would want to rent a HDB room for such a short period of time.

In comparison, you’d expect to pay about S$100 for a day’s rental of a budget hotel room.


But hold on a minute – it’s against HDB regulations for these Filipino ladies to rent out the HDB flat rooms in such a manner.

Why? Because HDB says so lah.

You can’t rent out your room on a short-term basis because HDB says this might disrupt the living environment in the estate, so the minimum rental period is 6 months for a tenant.

The HDB has the power to confiscate your flat if you’re found to have engaged activities which flout its regulations.

So, in the words of that yellow-booted contractor, “Don’t Pray Pray…”



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