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Find the SG52 National Day Parade Logo Familiar? Here’s Why!

If you’ve lived in a HDB flat in Singapore long enough, you’re likely to have used padlocks for your main gate (the traditional kind lah, not those new, complicated “digital $%#@$ lock” type).

And if you’ve used padlocks, you should be familiar with this brand, Unity.

So, if you find the SG52 National Day Parade logo familiar, here’s why:


There’s 2 slight differences between Unity’s logo and the SG52 NDP logo though – the hands are facing different directions, and the small space between the 4 hands has been tweaked a little to form the shape of Singapore island.

Then again, this is what the Nazis did:


Maybe there’s a significance to the inverted hands mimicking Unity Locks’ logo.

Maybe the designer was trying to be cheeky and allude to the locking up of something, perhaps our CPF money?

No lah, can’t be lah… Hor?

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