Foreign Graduates Should Not Expect the Same Perks as Singapore Graduates, Says Local Businessman

I disagree that employers should rank graduates equally in their job applications, regardless of whether a graduate is from our local or private universities.

The course requirements of our national universities are higher than those of private part-time degrees here.

I have even seen an advertisement stating that diploma holders are able to graduate in nine months with an honours degree offered on a part-time basis by a private university.

In contrast, full-time undergraduates in our national universities need four years to complete an honours degree. Most of them may agree that the course content and professors’ expectations are demanding.

This is not about discrimination by employers against private part-time degree holders, but about the level of academic training these graduates would have been exposed to throughout their course.

As an employer, I have met part-time degree holders asking for the same pay given to our local university cohorts for the same job. It is an unrealistic expectation.

This letter was written by Steven Lee.
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