Foreigner Boasts about Blocking NEA Officers from Inspecting His Home and Chasing Them Away

The NEA has stepped up check in Singapore for mosquito breeding so as to prevent the spread of dengue or the Zika virus, with officers performing up to 300 checks a day.

But this Hong Kong national in Singapore apparently believes it’s right to delay officers who are doing their job.

In a Facebook post, he boasted that he “managed to chase them out” after holding them up for an hour.

It’s unclear if the man knows about the Zika virus outbreak in Singapore, or that health authorities are stepping up enforcement as 30,000 cases of dengue are expected this year.

The aedes mosquito, which spreads dengue, is also known to spread the Zika virus.

115 people in Singapore have been diagnosed with the Zika virus so far, and health authorities expect more cases to surface.

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