Forget Malaysia, Tampines Resident Asks MP Baey to Wage War on a Cockroach

A resident in Tampines apparently has issues with cockroaches, to the point where it was seen fit to rope in the town council.

Tampine GRC MP Baey Yam Keng, who is the chairman of Tampines Town Council, shared on Facebook yesterday this email he received from a resident.

Commenting on the email, Mr Baey said:

“I received this email from a resident yesterday.
Reading between the lines, I know these are the bigger issues I should focus on:
Whether there is a cockroach infestation problem there?
How can the town council improve its hotline?

Thanks to the resident for taking the trouble to get through the hotline and monitoring the whereabouts of the cockroach, as well as a photo of it.

#paytowncounciltocatchonecockroach ?”

The flair for drama should be second nature to Mr Baey, who has previously acted in stage plays such as “Like Me. I Like.”

Maybe this resident mistook “Dear Yam Keng” for Margaret Chan (for those with long memories, that’s the nenek from Masters of the Sea).




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