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From KTV Cluster to Immigration, MPs Still Can’t Get Transparent Answers from the Government

HAROLD CHAI: Even MPs, who are rightfully elected by Singaporeans, can’t get transparent answers from the government? What’s going on?

Just days ago, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng was asked about the number of hostesses linked to the KTV Covid-19 cluster who were social visit pass holders, and what measures were being taken to minimise the health risks posed by such interactions by Chua Chu Kang MP Don Wee (his own PAP colleague).

Dr Tan’s succinct answer was to avoid providing a figure for social visit pass holders, only saying that foreigners with these passes working as hostesses are in breach of the Immigration Act.

Dr Tan did mention that fewer than 50 foreign hostesses with valid work passes, which is just as good as saying up to 49.5 of these hostesses did not have valid work passes.

(up to 49.5 in case one is a tranny)

Earlier this month, Opposition Leader Pritam Singh Law asked for the numerical breakdown of Singapore’s PRs from each of the top 20 countries by nationality, as well as the gender proportion.

His also asked for details on how many who were PRs for 10 and 20 years, but have not applied for citizenship at least once.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam simply brushed aside the question, and did not provide any of the figures asked for.

He did say that a large number of the PRs come from Singapore’s “geographically nearest” neighbours, and that the rationale for not revealing details is to not dissuade the inflow of PR applications from any country.

In both instances, the questions are important – the first is regarding flagrant law-breaking by foreigners here on social visit passes, the second relates to Singapore’s racial mix and the Singapore Core.

So when MPs, Opposition or not, can’t get decent and direct answers from the government, how are they supposed to see the full picture and formulate any policy recommendations?

And since MPs are elected by Singaporeans to represent us, isn’t this the government refusing to be transparent with the people?

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