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GE 2015: Odd Noteworthy Questions About the Opposition Bloc that Need Examination

(1) Why did Aljunied Voters Punish Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao?

The Workers’ Party has Stalwart Low, Pritam and Ah Bang Faisal to thank for its razor-thin win in Aljunied over a last-minute-parachute-in PAP team.

Voters there punished Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao,  with Ms Lim losing in her ward by 100 votes and Chen faring little better.

Fortunately for the WP, Low and Faisal won by more than 1000 votes in their ward, and Pritam pulled in 55 percent to secure a victory.

Overall, the WP dropped about 4 percentage points compared to GE 2011.

So why did voters snub the WP’s two heavyweights?

Was it the AHPETC effect?

(2) Who in the World Voted for Samir Neji?

If you’re wondering who Samir Neji is… so are we.

But in a nutshell (not very unlike this nutty candidate), he held not one rally, hardly walked the ground, and posters of him ranged from sparing to sparse.

His most outstanding moment – when he needed  the charity of PAP cadres to be his assentors on Nomination Day, otherwise, no election for him!

Still, Samir got 150 votes in Bukit Batok SMC.

How come ah, and from which buggers?

(3) The Reform Party Could Barely Beat a 23-year-old Girl?

Han Hui Hui tossed her name in the hat at the last minute, and snatched 10,000 votes.

The NSP managed 32.9 percent of the vote in 2011, but this time round, the RP captured just 12.71 percent of the vote – 2 percent more than Ms “Heckler” Han.

Either she was doing something pretty right for a first-timer, or the RP got something terribly wrong there.

(4) Desmond “You Have a Choy” Beats SingFirst Powerhouses?

Humble, quiet and unassuming, Desmond was mocked by many after a viral video that poked fun at his “why limit your choice tutu” spoken English.

But intercourse of the elections, he found himself clinching 27.11 percent of the vote in Pasir-Ris Punggol.

Whereas, the more eloquent, and arguably better qualified Tan Jee Say could only muster 22.29 percent in Tanjong Pagar – and he didn’t have a Deputy Prime Minister to contend with.

When SingFirst had to contend with DPM Tharman, it handed him the biggest win of the election.

Is Desmond’s “heart for the people” campaign the way for opposition parties to go if they want to make greater headway?

(5) Is the SPP finished without Chiam See Tong?

From the PAP to the WP to aiyah everyone in general – they all wanted a piece of Gentleman Chiam, to be seen with him and to be photographed with him.

It was as though rubbing shoulders with the man could help you strike Toto.

This was supposed to be Mr Chiam’s last hurrah – seeing his wife and prodigies carry on his legacy.

Then Sitoh won in Potong Pasir with 66.41 percent of the vote – a big improvement over his “recount, recount again” victory in GE 2011.

And with that, there will be no more Chiams in parliament, for the first time in 30 years.

Would he have won if he had run, even without holding any rallies like Goh and Tan in Marine Parade?


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