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General Election 2015: The Funniest of the Funnies!

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(1) PAP posters found hanging wrong-way-up in several locations


Limpeh better like your idea… otherwise someone’s backside gonna hurt real bad. 

(2) Denise Phua repeatedly beckoning for running mate Lawrence Wong to “help her out” during the live televised Singapore Votes 2015 forum


That Why-Always-Me moment: “Lawrence, you help me out.” Poor chap must be damn stress.

(3) Retiring Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew isn’t afraid to knuckle down and get his hands dirty, now that he has more time on his hands.


After the tobalek posters, this one CANNOT gabrah.

(4) Talking Cock: What do you see?


(5) Our biggest criticism of “Aunty Killer” Goh Chok Tong: 14 years as Prime Minister, how come you never taught us how to sian zha bo?


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