Grab Driver makes Injured Woman Rush for Pick-Up, then Cancels Booking for No Reason

CATHERINE LUM: Seriously is there somewhere i can feedback and provide a bad rating for a grabhitch driver?

This is the 1st time im doing this on social media but i just can’t stand it. So here’s the story and my rant…

I was not able to walk much due to my sprained ankle injury and knowing that it will be very tough to flag a cab off the road or to book 1 in the evening and besides, it is super expensive to get a cab during knock off time, I made a grabhitch request for pickup at 6.30pm early this morning since 10am.

I dont recall what time i had the offer but it was very early of the day probably at 12n. And then this guy cancelled me at less than an hour before pickup at 5.40pm. Fine then, the system continue to search and few mins later, the same driver Glenn Huang confirmed my request again.

Worried i had to walk long distance and take a train home which aggravate my injury, i texted to make sure he isn’t playing me out.

He confirmed and asked for earlier time which i agreed. 6.05pm he called and said he reached. But to realised it was a entirely different location. (He was at URA building). And he said to call me back when nearing. (Only 5 mins away)

Thinking he was reaching and rushed out to wait by the road side for him, 5 mins later at 6.15pm, he cancelled my booking.

And of course, he did not reply my text or pick up my call.

Post script: he drives a red car and wears a red jersey with red framed specs at his profile pic. Grabhitch user please use with caution. Share this to your friend if he is Glenn Huang.



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