Han Hui Hui Collects More than S$10,000 in Campaign Donations for Radin Mas Drive

Han Hui Hui has collected more than S$10,000 in donations, even before she has been approved as an independent candidate for the coming General Election on September 11.

Ms Han, best known as the co-organiser of the Return Our CPF protests, says she is grateful for the cash received, and has urged the public to donate money to continue giving to help her mount a challenge for Radin Mas.

“Fellow Singaporeans, I’m thankful for all the support given to me thus far. As of 27 Aug 2015, POSB Savings 279-12328-0 has received a total of $10,034.96.”

Ms Han’s entry into the fray, if approved by the Elections Department on Nomination Day (1 Sept) will lead to a a 3-cornered fight with the Reform Party and the PAP in the SMC.

But she has played down talk of multi-cornered fights hurting the chances of opposition candidates.

“Voters are getting smarter, they will know not to vote for political parties that lose deposits. If we want to progress as a democratic society, we have to support and vote for people who have been on the ground with the people.”

Ms Han added that voters should be allowed to pick the best candidates for the job:

“Why should voters be “forced” to vote for the “only opposition candidate” because they do not have a choice and are being denied their right to vote for a better MP? This is why I stand as an independent candidate at Radin Mas SMC. I need your support and I need the votes of Radin Mas residents so that the alternative policies that we have been coming up with in the past few years can be implemented to better the lives of Singaporeans.”

Ms Hand has stated the costs she must incur in the election contest.

She said that this would amount to at least S$30,000.

“Election deposit: $14,500
Election rallies: $10,000 (sound system, stage, etc)
Banners: $2,500 ($500 per banner)
Posters: $2,500 ($5 per poster)
Flyers: $2,000″

The last time Ms Han was in the limelight was when she was accused of heckling mentally handicapped children during a Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park.

The handicapped children were participating in a YMCA funfair that was held on the same day at the park.

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