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Happy New Year & the 2014 Wishlist

Now comes the time of the year look back and repent and hope for a better tomorrow.

In girl-speak, that means losing another five kilograms.

But on a serious note, here’s my hopes for Singapore for 2014:


(1) an educational environment for our children which allows them to play and enjoy themselves, instead of rote book learning

(2) affordable public housing for couples, so they don’t have to pay for that with an arm and a leg (and a left testicle)

(3) not having to wait for two jam-packed MRT trains to pass me by before I can finally board one for work

(4) a car, a car, a bloody car!

(5) less ministerial salaries, more money spent on helping the poor lift themselves out of the poverty trap

(6) open spaces in our concrete jungle where families can spend time together

(7) locals get to pay local rates to visit our local attractions, such as the Night Safari, just like how other countries differentiate between local and tourist prices


(8) and finally the lucky 8, no more annual New Year shows where Gurmit Singh screams “Singapore, make some noooiiiise” (Gurmit, probably the most irritating man in the world….)


Happy New Year everyone, and may you have a fruitful, cheerful, and eventful year ahead!

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