Hawker who Bullied Taxi Uncle Offers 100 Free Plates of Char Kway Teow to Taxi Drivers as Gesture of Repentance

In an about-turn 60 minutes after the publishing of this article (Hawker Accused of Bullying “Lao Jiao” Taxi Uncle Insists “I’m Not Wrong, He Shouldn’t be Driving), Hawker Liang has apologised for his actions, saying that he understood he was wrong after a friend told him off. He has offered free char kway teow to the first 100 taxi drivers who visit his stall (Liang Ji, Block 58 Bedok South Hawker Centre) as a gesture of remorse and repentance:

HAWKER LIANG: To taxi uncle, it is regretful for me to scold the taxi driver. A friend scolded me very fiercely and I realized it is my fault and I am very remorseful about it.

I am making a sincere apology for my action to the Taxi unclr. I hope I would be able to meet him personally to say sorry too.

From my heart, I would also like to apologise to the public too. Not an excuse but I admitted i drank a few beers before boarding the taxi that night. But this is not my excuse. I am really sorry to treat the taxi uncle without much respect. I seek the forgiveness of the public too. I was in the wrong. I did not have a very good and growing years too. I just wish to work very hard and be a responsible person.

I will continue to do reflection of myself and I promise to treat elderly with respect in future.

Unfortunately that day I was facing some personal problems and feel stressful beside the beers. But I should not vent my anger on the taxi uncle. It is not what I am and I was not at my usual self that night.

I hope the taxi uncle and the public will forgive me and give me a second chance.

I am sincerely looking forward to meet the taxi uncle personally to return the taxi fares and ask for his forgiveness too.

As a token to show my remorse and repentance, I hereby offer the first 100 taxi drivers who come to my stall for a meal a free char kway teow. And the taxi uncle whom i have done wrong shall get free meals from me whenever he comes. Please accept my humble gestures.

Yours sincerely,

ps : as I have a low education, I asked my friend to help me draft the above apology… sincerely from my heart





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