“My Lessons How!” Teachers Grumble about School Closures due to Hazardous Haze Levels

All primary and secondary schools in Singapore will be closed today due to the haze situation.

This was announced by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, who said the closures were a precaution as air quality could enter hazardous levels.

Teachers though will continue to report for duty.

Students can still attend school in the event that parents cannot make alternative care arrangements for their children.

They will be placed in suitable facilities such as libraries and enclosed spaces.

The closures have prompted some mumblings of discontent amongst teachers.

Some are worried that they might not be able to finish teaching the syllabus for the year.

Said one teacher, Ms Lim, “Die lah, my lessons how! So many disruptions this year. My students are already falling behind and there’s so much content to cover. No choice will have to speed up and hope they can follow.”

Another teacher Mr Ong, was more concerned with discipline.

“You know Singaporeans. Their parents will go to work and leave them at home. Then they’ll go out and gallivant and if they get into all sorts of trouble, in the end it will all come back to the school, and I’ll have to sort it out.”

One teacher, Mr Simon, joked that the school closure is a good move, and anyway, it’s likely that the students will already be “away”.

“Long weekend mah. I bet half my class will turn up today if the school remained open. The other half, maybe somewhere in Korea!”

Meanwhile, today’s GCE ‘O’ level practical examination for Music will be rescheduled to Tuesday, 29 Sept.

But good (or bad) news for tertiary students – all Junior Colleges, Centralised Institutes, and post-secondary education institutions  including universities, polytechnics and ITEs will remain open.

Haze levels crossed the 300 mark early this morning, and its unclear as yet if the haze will clear up today.

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