HDB: Parking Rates Must be Raised because of Improvements like the Electronic Parking System

The government is currently reviewing public parking rates, in a move which will see prices raised at all public car parks for short-term and season parking.

The URA says this review is meant to “right-price public car park charges and reduce the gap between the fees charged by private and public carparks”, and that the costs of managing and operating carparks have increased substantially” since the last price revision.

Meanwhile, the HDB pointed out the its car parks have improved over the years with the addition of features such as the Electronic Parking System (aka Feng Fei Fei killer) and lifts.

Both agencies noted that the last price revision was in 2002, where a 10 percent increase was implemented for short-term parking.

The HDB and URA manage 607,000 and 24,000 parking spaces respectively.



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