Health Ministry Rejects Overseas Singaporean’s Request to Use Medisave for Hospital Bill

He has S$37,000 in his Medisave account, but Mr Mokhtar bin Rahmat can’t use any of that to pay for his wife’s medical bills.

Mr Mokhtar and his wife are Singaporeans currently living in Johor Bahru.

Around 2 months ago, the 60-year-old retiree said that his wife was admitted to Regency Hospital and required surgery.

Her medical bills came up to RM25,000 (about S$8,400).

Regency Hospital is a hospital that is approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Health for Medisave claims.

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Mr Mokhtar returned to Singapore and lodged an appeal with the Balestier Health Clinic & Screening Centre for use of his Medisave to pay for his wife’s hospital bills.

However, Mr Mokhtar’s appeal was rejected.

In a written reply, the Health Ministry said:

“We note that your family are currently not residing in Singapore. Hence, we are unable to accede to your request. Should you have further concerns on managing any outstanding amount, we would suggest you approach the Business Office of Regency Specialist Hospital to discuss suitable financial arrangements.”

Mr Mokhtar is furious that after taking the trouble to follow proper protocol, he was still denied the use of his Medisave funds for a medical emergency.

He has questioned why his own Medisave savings, which is meant for medical treatment, cannot be used when it is urgently required.



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