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Health Ministry Shoots Itself in the Foot then Blames the Public?


RONALD LEE: The Ministry of Health has upped the game in reminding people not to go to hospitals if they Covid-19 symptoms which are not severe.

Seeing their desperate pleas, it seems that not many are heeding this message.

But the problem, as usual, is a result of poor foresight and planning.

For one, people who contract COVID-19 need a legit medical certificate because, you know, workplace rules and HR etc.

So they have two choices – visit a GP and pay, or go to a public hospital where the government pays (for those who are deemed fully vaccinated).

What would most people do? Of course let the government pay lah.

Well, nothing is free forever so the GST hike is there to stick a rod up their asses.

The other thing is the Health Ministry’s message:

“If you test positive on an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test but are well, you do not need to report your results.”

Eh, the whole point of an authority is to enact and enforce a proper set of rules?

Then as usual, the public gets blamed when cases shoot up beyond 10,000 a day.

Who would have imagined that there are people who play dirty, cannot ownself check ownself and come clean, right?

And of course – the enforcement measures and barricades that pack people even tighter then sardines at markets and hawker centres continue.

How do you expect safe distancing when the infrastructure forces people to be packed together in the first place?

Even the Safe Distancing Officers just watch from a distance.

The MOH always tries to sound like it has a plan.

It has had two years to plan.

Unfortunately, it sounds like an East Coast plan.

No one really knows what’s the plan, but there’s a plan.


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