Heartlands a Hotbed for Prostitution: 34 Foreign Women Arrested in Sting Operation

Flats in Woodlands, Sembawang, Sengkang, Jurong West, Yishun, Chinatown and River Valley.

A two-day sting operation by the police led to the arrest of 34 women and 2 men in these areas.

One of the places raided was a 4-room flat in Sembawang.

Bursting in, police found 3 men in their 30s sitting on a sofa and waiting – they’re believed to be prospective clients seeking sexual services.

The sex workers are reportedly Chinese women, aged between 21 and 48.

The two men caught, also foreigners, are suspected to be their pimps.

The sex workers are believed to be part of a larger sex syndicate.

During the operation, boxes of condoms, lubricants, mobile phones, cash, contraband cigarettes and work documents that were believed to be forged were also seized.

The same brand of condoms was reportedly found in the raided units.

Police say the owners of the homes raided will be investigated and the Housing Board will be alerted to those units.

This latest raid follows the uncovering of a website “Lion City’s No. 1 Beauties”, which appeared to possess a database of more than 1500 ‘pretty women’.

That was a cover for prostitution, with bases covering northern, eastern, western and central districts in the HDB heartlands.

Reports also surfaced of seductive women soliciting sexual services through ‘WeChat’, with tag-lines like ‘Men refilling station, women beauty salon’, to provide ‘special services’ to customers in HDB flats at Woodlands area.

These advertisements came with pictures of skimpily dressed women in seductive postures.

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